Anitomical is a new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) startup in the digitisation of anatomy. Our vision is that the methods used to study anatomy should be scientifically correct, understandable and accessible to anyone at all levels of education. Our mission is to contribute to and forward scientific research & education, increase enthusiasm in the field of biology, and reduce the number of test animals.

We do so by offering a subscription-based platform with scientifically accurate, 3D anatomical models of animals. The possibilities of our solution include comparative anatomy, virtual dissecting, animations, and VR/AR applications. Our initial target market is academic institutions with a bachelor’s programme in Biology – offering them a more modern, humane and efficient alternative to labour-intensive dissection classes.

The evolution of anatomical models

Market demand

The Anitomical platform is a high-end application for viewing and working with digital 3D anatomical models of animals.

An interactive application to learn & train anatomy

The software consists of a high-end application and a range of 3D anatomical models. The standard basic package contains approximately 20 models that cover the most important animals for the bachelor’s Biology curriculum, with the option to customise to specific species covered in the package for specific user-groups.

Additional features: 

Interactive viewer

The interactive viewer allows for the visualisation of multiple layers that can be viewed independently to show different parts of the anatomy with corresponding animations and annotations.

Comparative anatomy

The application makes it possible to compare different 3D models of animals using standardised colour schemes, and the wide range of species included is ideally suited for learning comparative anatomy.

Testing & training

The application enables a professor to setup their own preparatory tests and training environment, enabling them to interact directly with their students.

Smart learning

Gamification/smart learning by doing quizzes in the tool, interact with students, and tutor and learn how to dissect in a way that is much more precise, provides clear insights, and is animal-friendly.

The interactive viewer

This is an example of the functionality of the interactive viewer. The viewer itself is developed in the next few months

A SaaS business model

The Anitomical platform  is accessible through a paidlicense (Software as a Service, SaaS)

User groups (i.e. universities)

Universities obtain access for the students in the bachelor biology, including support/tailoring of the models per university. Since different universities use different animals (sub-species) in their education, we offer tailored packages.

  • Tailoring fee/ starting fee
  • Fee per user/year
  • Fee per official test/student
Individual users

Individual licenses (per user) will be available for the online platform to get personal access to a specific package of anatomical models in training environment.

Internationally recognized

The way Anitomical presents animal anatomy is in fact the only way to actually learn how it is in real life.

We have collaborated with a diverse portfolio of research organizations, providing scientifically accurate models for anatomy research and education.

Now is the time to expand to a widely available online tool.

The expert

Mieke Roth

Where scientific expertise meets creativity

A Wageningen University MSc. graduate and former ABN AMRO information architect, Mieke boasts 20 years of experience as a scientific visualizer, specializing in animal anatomy since 2012. 

Internationally recognized by scientists and peers, she creates anatomical 3D models using the latest techniques, prioritizing their contribution to understanding animal anatomy. These models serve as reference works, integrated into interactive apps for enjoyable anatomy learning experiences.

The team

Mieke Roth


Mieke is a Wageningen University graduate with a MSc in Animal Biology. She has worked as an information architect for ABN AMRO bank, followed by 20+ years of experience as a scientific visualizer. Since 2012, Mieke is specialised in animal anatomy and works for universities, research institutes, labs, and organisations that deal with complex scientific subjects.
As CEO of Anitomical, Mieke is responsible for the development of scientifically correct, digital 3D anatomical models, safeguarding the highest quality standards, and keeping a strong focus on the strategy of the company.

Paul Schilperoord


Paul studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. He has 20+ years of experience in technical and scientific writing, and B2B content marketing for leading international companies and institutions. In 2013, Paul co-founded Zink, a startup dedicated to design work and customization of espresso machines in close collaboration with the renowned Italian brand La Marzocco.

As COO of Anitomical, Paul is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, developing and executing the marketing and communication strategy, and building our network of professional partners and customers.

Joris Koene

Chief Scientific Advisor

Joris has a MSc in Zoology from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and a PhD in Biology from McGill University in Montreal. He was worked for different international universities, as well as various zoology and biology associations and organizations. Since 2021, Joris is associate professor and educational program director at the Vrije Universiteit. The main interest of the research group he leads revolves around hermaphroditism, sexual selection, and mating decisions.

As chief scientific advisor to Anitomical, Joris main responsibility is the scientific accuracy of the digital 3D models together with his international network, testing and evaluating the Anitomical application, and advising on the strategy of the company.

Partner Network

Mieke Roth (CEO)

The Netherlands

Paul Schilperoord (COO)

The Netherlands