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A full package of end products

Our 3D anatomical models offer a clear range of benefits over the existing methods, as discussed earlier:

  • Scientifically correct – any anatomical mistakes or inaccuracies in our models are prevented through scientific scrutiny. Our team includes two scientists, Joris Koene and Christian Wirkner, who evaluate each new model and use their professional network to double-check. This system of checks and balances results in an anatomically correct and accurate model of the animal in question.
  • Combining digital and physical models – this enables us to exploit all possibilities of bringing across the anatomical data in a clear way.
  • Clear information – our models are developed to clearly visualize complex anatomical information, using structured using layers of information in the app.
  • Online updates – developing a sound and detailed anatomical model for the long term, based on animal material, scans, and scientific literature, has major advantages. In contrast to anatomical illustrations, physical models and digital models created from 3D scans, our digital models can be easily modified. We can simply update (parts of) the model whenever there are new scientific insights and make these updates available online to our customer audience.
  • Customizability – we can easily customize our standardized digital model according to the needs of our customer audience, such as modelling the abnormal anatomy of breeding lines or diseases.
  • Less real specimens – the use of digital 3D and 3D printed physical models helps to reduce the number of real animal specimens used for dissection in classrooms and universities.
  • Sustainability – our 3D printed models are created using plant-based resin, based on corn or soy.


– we will develop kits for school children allowing them to assemble physical anatomical models and learn about anatomy in a fun and explorative way.


– this can be used to fully explore the digital 3D model in clear layered information accompanied with textual explanations.

3D prints

– our models can be 3D printed as a physical model to accompany the digital model as a base reference.